Undergraduate Academic Program Overview

The primary goal of the curriculum at Disciples of Christ Bible College and Seminary is to enable students to become effective instruments of Christ, both personally and vocationally. The focus of the curriculum is on biblical, theological, and the practices of ministry studies. All our curriculums offer the opportunity for students to master the content of the Word of God, to understand its truths, apply it, and convey those truths to others. The systematic study of God’s Word allows students to become sensitive to their own spiritual formation and potential before Christ as well as effective in applying the Word to a changing culture.

Ministry skill courses and supervised ministry opportunities provide students with the knowledge, tools, and experience of applying the truths of God to the needs of people. Students learn to share biblical truths through preaching, teaching, witnessing, counseling, caring, and modeling. Those seeking training for vocational ministry, those seeking foundational biblical ministry training to enhance another vocational calling, and those seeking personal spiritual enrichment, Disciples of Christ Bible College and Seminary offers a flexible selection of programs to meet individual needs.

Disciples of Christ Bible College and Seminary has two Associate degree programs: Associate of Christian Ministry and Associate of Christian Religion. DOCBCS also offers four-year Baccalaureate degree in Christian Education, Christian Ministry, Christian Religion, and Christian Theology. 


This is a program providing foundational training for a variety of ministry opportunities and allowing the student the opportunity to engage a broader educational component for formulating a biblical and Christian worldview. This degree program is particularly helpful to those students who have been called to a secular vocation, but who desire to obtain a biblical and theological foundation in a Spirit-filled environment before commencing their specialized vocational training. DOCBCS has an Associates degree in Christian Education and Christian Ministry.

Associates Degree Objectives

  • Provide students with an opportunity for spiritual enrichment within a Spirit-filled ethos;
  • Provide students with a basic foundational understanding of Scripture;
  • Provide students an understanding of the basic doctrines and teachings of the Church;
  • Assist students in developing a Christian worldview and lifestyle;
  • Provide exposure to the practices of ministry; and
  • Develop a commitment for lifelong development and ministry


The Baccalaureate Degree is a four-year degree program providing students with professional ministerial training for the ministry. Our degree offers a thorough and solid grounding in Biblical, doctrinal, and practices of the ministry within a strong Spirit-filled church. Our curriculum enables students to formulate a biblical worldview and biblical mindset for life in the ministry. Our bachelor’s degree programs allow our student to focus on studies, which will best prepare them for the ministry to which God has called them. DOCBCS has a Bachelors degree in Christian Education, Christian, Ministry, Christian Religion, and Christian Theology.

Bachelor’s Degree Objectives

  • Provide a foundation for advanced academic and professional endeavors;
  • Affirm the call to Christian ministry;
  • Provide direction for personal spiritual growth and development;
  • Assist in developing a Christian worldview and lifestyle;
  • Provide the basic knowledge, understanding, and skills for ministry;
  • Encourage students to participate actively in the life and ministry of the church; and
  • Build study, thinking, and communion skills for academic and ministry success.

General and Major Curriculum Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a foundational knowledge of Scripture and the doctrines of the Church;
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for God’s creative design, redemptive purposes, and renewing activity in the broad arena of creation.
  • Exhibit Christ-like character through Spirit-empowered life and service.
  • Respond to cultural and spiritual questions from a biblically based worldview;
  • Integrate biblical and theological knowledge with the philosophical and practical application of ministry;
  • Communicate with clarity and conviction in written, oral, and interpersonal contexts