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Payment & Financial Information

Disciples of Christ Bible College and Seminary’s school budget is neither subsidized by the U.S. Government nor is our school the recipient of any form of its endowment. We prefer not to be regulated by any secular organization. Our direction and guidance come directly from the Holy Spirit. Consequently, we are dependent upon student tuition and the gifts of God’s people for the support of this educational ministry. This school policy enables us to offer a quality and un-compromised Christian education to our students.

Our goal is to provide a financial package, which will not be a burden to any student. We feel that our cost structure are the lowest, when compared to similar institutions. Upon looking at a variety of correspondence and online religious colleges and theological seminaries, we were determined to offer our students a low-cost Christian education. In consideration of the low financial program, we still offer students a number of incentives designed to assist our students with their financial obligations. We do not assess student tuition costs on the basis of per credit hours, but per degree. Therefore, upon registration, the student becomes obligated to pay the total tuition fee for the enrolled degree program. We also allow a comprehensive payment plan that furthers asses our students in helping them to meet their financial obligation.

Tuition Costs

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