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Educational Philosophy

Through our correspondence courses, residential and online programs, Disciples of Christ Bible College and Seminary will educate and prepare Christian men and women who will make a positive impact in their lives, in their families, on their jobs and within their communities. We aim to be used as a conduit to help further aide Christian men and women in their ministerial calling to glorify God and fulfill the Great Commission. Our courses and degrees are designed to enhance the students life and current ministry.

Disciples of Christ Bible College and Seminary Will:

  1. Provide quality teaching and foster a positive learning atmosphere.
  2. Drive students to a solid academic understanding and a Christian worldview.
  3. Ensure competency in scholarship, research, and professional communication in all graduate programs and undergraduate programs where appropriate.
  4. Ensure each student has the needed competency in research and the proficient literacy in undergraduate and graduate programs.
  5. Inspire commitment to a Christian way of life, which embodies personal accountability, helping those in need, and actively spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  
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