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Bible Certificate Programs

Why a Bible Certificate?

No matter what your Christian education career goals are, a Bible Certificate provides every Christian with a solid, Biblical foundation to start with, for life. Is your future unclear? Do you wonder what God’s will is for your life? The Bible Certificate program is designed for you! It is a wise pursuit if you are undecided about a vocation, if you want to become more useful in your local church, or if you seek personal spiritual growth.

Bible & Gen. Ed. Certificate

Coursework for the Bible Certificate Program mirrors the first four core classes of each of our Bachelor programs (Christian Education, Christian Ministry, Christian Religion, and Christian Theology). If you decide to return to complete your Bachelors degree after graduating with this certificate, the courses you have completed will go towards your degree and you will be right on track.

Requirements: 4 Courses

Bible Certificate / General Core Classes

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