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Affiliate School Program


Start your own Disciples of Christ Bible College and Seminary religious institution with our guidelines that we will provide.

Program Overview

1. The DOCBCS Affiliate Program will give your Christian Outreach, Ministry or Church the means to operate as an affiliate Disciples of Christ Bible College & Seminary religious institution under our operational and administrative covering.  Your school will be run as an affiliate location of our College by you.

2.  Disciples of Christ Bible College & Seminary will provide administrative and operational support.

3. We will provide you with the curriculum for the program. Each affiliate school campus location has the permission from Disciples of Christ Bible College and Seminary Inc., to reproduce materials as needed and to use its logo as an affiliate school campus location. Each affiliate school campus location is responsible for its own printing.  The curriculum offered to our affiliate school campus locations, is the same curriculum that the main campus offers to its students.

4. Each affiliate school campus location will teach their own courses, proctor all their own exams, grade their own students work, keep academic records and provide direct correspondence with the students who are enrolled at their own school campus location.

5. Students will be graduates of your affiliate school campus location. (your students will graduate from your school location). All awards will be presented and conferred by your affiliate school campus President.

6. Admission fee, registration fee, and graduation fees will be paid to Disciples of Christ Bible & Seminary. The main campus will receive all admission, registration and graduation fees.

7. We will exercise no control over your affiliate school campus location.  Affiliate school campus locations are responsible for their own expenses and operational costs.  We will provide the organizational materials, administrative support and curriculum needed to fulfill your mission and vision.

8. There is a $700, one-time only startup fee. This is for all the initial operational and administrative materials you will need to start the affiliate school location. There is a $50 monthly fee. This fee is to help with the operational and administrative cost that the Florida Main Campus incurs…. i.e….. access to Main Campus share drive, online canvas usage, postal fees, overnight parcel fees, corporation and contract renewal fee.

Advantages of starting an affiliate Disciple of Christ Bible College and Seminary

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